A team with a shared vision

Other investors have joined Jolene and Paul in their vision to create active, luxurious senior living communities across the nation. The Morans, along with partners André Coleman and Shannon Moran, have worked together for decades, drawing on their experience to provide elderly assisted living services.

 Century Oaks is licensed by the State of Wisconsin Bureau of Quality Assurance as a Class “C” unrestricted community-based residential facility. To schedule a tour or request additional information, please contact us.

Taking the Century Oaks concept nationwide 

The Morans have decided to take their business to the next level and bring active senior living to other parts of the country — making the Century Oaks concept available as a franchise for business owners across the nation. They want to train others to run successful and compassionate senior living communities.

Facing a heart-wrenching family challenge, Jolene and Paul Moran founded Century Oaks in 1991. At that time, they were helping other family members search for a loving home for Jolene’s grandmother, Margaret Wilkinson, who needed special assistance. But the Morans weren’t happy with the options available. “The quality of care was terrible,” said Jolene. “I felt like we were sending her to an institution. I just couldn’t move my grandmother into one of those places.”

The Morans have gone to great lengths to find creative solutions to meet residents’ personal needs. They once built an addition onto a residence to accommodate a 30-year-old quadriplegic whose goal was to live in a place where his two children could stay with him. So the Morans built a three-bedroom apartment onto one of their homes. By 2008, the couple owned a total of 10 assisted living homes throughout the Fox Valley. While the growth was positive, the Morans decided to sell their homes and open a new all-inclusive resort-style assisted living residence in Oshkosh, Wis. Their vision was to offer luxury assisted living combined with a lifestyle based on lots of group activities for seniors.

About Century Oaks Assisted Living in Appleton

Decades of experience and loving care.

If you don’t like it, then do it yourself. That’s the philosophy the Morans follow, especially when it comes to the safety and happiness of their loved ones. So at the young age of 21 and 22, the high school sweethearts built and opened Century Oaks Assisted Living in Appleton, their first assisted living home. “We created a community that provided compassionate care with an elevated quality of life for all residents. We treat everyone like members of our family,” said Paul. A lifestyle based on having fun each day is the secret to the Morans’ success. “We like to spoil our residents. We do so much for them, things you don’t find at other assisted living facilities,” said Paul. “Christmas is a special family event at Century Oaks. More than 600 people attend our Christmas parties every year. And we also like to take residents for limo rides — just for the fun of it! We're also glad to offer memory care in Appleton, an important part of our care, which helps ensure that residents can stay living in their own suites and don't have to move.”